Privacy Statement

1. Name of the data controller: Lounge 70 kft.

2. Address of the data controller: 1101 Budapest, Korponai u. 3 / Location: 1101.Budapest Hölgy.u.42

3. Contact:

4. Name of data management: Data management for users is voluntary and determined
for registered users on the website.

5. Legal basis of data management: Act CXII of 2011 on the right to information self-determination and
Article 68 (6) on freedom of information and the European Parliament and the Council
(EU) 2016/679 with the voluntary consent of the data subject.

6. Scope of data processed:
a. Personal data provided by the user, for which only the user or
data controller access.
b. User reservations, which are accessible only to the user or the data controller.
During the application, the Client must provide the following personal

  • surname and first name,
  • e-mail address,
  • telephone number
  • password,
  • address (postcode, city, street, house number, country, county) / only for home delivery /
    By registering on the website and accepting the terms of use, the Customer declares that to establish a customer relationship with the Service Provider, within the framework of which it has been indicated above billing, shipping, contact information and to use the service consent to the management of the necessary data by Lounge 70 kft.

7. Purpose of data management: In the case of user-supplied data, data management the purpose is to identify the user’s authority, based on the user’s authority in order to validate its benefits and later prove the completion of the purchase stores. The data can be used by Lounge 70 kft to send e-mail notifications, send newsletters to the user. The use of the data for this purpose shall be newsletter unsubscribe – you can disable it.
The data controller does not use the personal data for purposes other than those indicated.

8. Persons entitled to access the data:

The user and the data controller and its employees have the right to get acquainted with the data. In the field of operation of the web store, fulfillment of orders, settlement of settlements The service provider may use a data processor (eg developer, accountant, transport company). All this In this case, the data controller in the contract with the data processor or a data protection statement got acquainted with the data protection policy of the data processing partner. However, such is not responsible for the data management practices of external actors.

Data controller in case of purchase the data provided by the customer for the purpose of issuing the invoice forward to the customer. Indication of the purpose of the data transfer: invoice to the customer issued by the data controller to the delivery address provided by the customer in the case of home delivery, or in case of advance transfer, it will be sent to the customer’s email address.

In addition to the above, the transfer of personal data about the Customer is limited by law in a mandatory case or on the basis of the Client’s consent.

9. Duration of data management: Management of data provided during registration a starts with registration and lasts until it is canceled. In the case of optional data, the data management is from the date of entry of the data until the deletion of the data in question. Recorded during registration change or delete data of the registered Customer after logging in Web Store & gt; Account & gt; GDPR & gt; You can initiate the deletion right in the menu item.

The above provisions are not affected by legislation (eg accounting legislation) documents necessary to fulfill specific conservation obligations (order, order correspondence, invoice, etc.…). These documents are retained for the 10 years specified by law.

10. Personalized advertisements / contents: Lounge 70 kft regularly sends out sends out offers, newsletters to inform registered users. The newsletter user without any prior notice – by unsubscribing from the newsletter – you can unsubscribe.

Our company only sends newsletters to registered email addresses, or those obtained from other sources does not use collected email addresses to send newsletters. Bearing in mind the 2008 XLVIII. TV. (on the basic conditions and certain restrictions on economic advertising, pursuant to Article 6 of the Act passed by the National Assembly on 9 June 2008 unsolicited electronic advertising message intended for business acquisition only for a natural person may be sent without prior consent.

11. Use of Cookies: This website uses cookies for its services operation (eg automatic access), development, statistical data collection, and to enhance the user experience. By using the Website, you accept cookies the following guidelines and a privacy statement. THE A cookie consists of a short series of numbers placed on your device by a browser, which is computer or other device downloading a web page to distinguish and statistics for data collection. Cookies do not contain personal information.

The statistics collected by cookies are not sold or rented by the Website does not distribute to third parties in any other way, except for services for which services you have provided the necessary information in advance and voluntarily. The Site may contain independent, third-party controlled and by third parties links to reserved pages. Because the Site does not control the use of such information by third parties, in each case by the third party The provisions of this Party’s Privacy Policy shall govern which site is responsible does not assume and cannot be held legally liable. The Website reserves the right to modify these policies at any time in its sole discretion any part. Please visit this page from time to time for information possible changes. Where changes to the Privacy Policy are published after you continue to use this website, the changes and current policies are yours shall be deemed to have been accepted by the Cookies are stored for 2 years, but the user can modify or delete their own at any time during this time

You can find information about cookies and their settings on the following websites:

12. Users’ rights regarding the handling of their personal data: Personal data users can request information on how to handle it. The controller shall provide information on request the data subject’s processing, the purpose of the processing, the legal basis, the duration, the the name, address (registered office) of the data processor and related to data management and for whom and for what purpose they receive or have received it data. The request for information must be sent by e-mail to to deliver, to which our company will respond within 20 working days. The Customer is entitled at any time to correct or record incorrectly recorded data request / initiate cancellation. Some of your data may be corrected by the Customer on the Website; other In such cases, the Service Provider shall cancel the request within 3 working days from the receipt of the request data, in which case they will not be recoverable. Deletion does not apply to data processing required by law (eg accounting regulations), they are provided by the Service Provider retain for the required period. If the Customer to use the service during the registration of third-party data provided or caused damage in any way during the use of the Website, the Service Provider is entitled to claim damages against the Customer. In such a case, the Service Provider is all the offender shall give all possible assistance to the competent authorities to establish his identity.

13. Enforcement Options: The user’s enforcement options are
Data Protection Act, as well as the Civil Code. may exercise before a court or request the National Data Protection and Information Authority / 1125 Budapest Szilágyi E. fasor 22 c / az also with the help of the Data Protection Commissioner / dr. President Attila Péterfalvi / The management and all employees of Lounge 70 Kft the preservation of the integrity of the information received – with which it serves the interests of its customers and itself, is contractual fulfilling its obligations – it plays a key role in the life, market position and leading role of the Ltd. preservation.

Therefore, it is the duty and interest of each employee of Lounge 70 Kft. To comply with the applicable legislation.

By signing this document, I personally reaffirm my commitment to the above goals!

Executive Director